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There are a number of ways to lower your mortgage payment. Helping you choose the most competitive loan program that meets your unique financial circumstances, using our extensive loan portfolio, is our specialty.

We will start with looking at your current interest rate to see if lower rates are available. If so, we will help you determine whether you qualify for the lower rate.

Did you also know that “buying a lower rate” by paying discount points is another effective method for getting an even lower interest rate?

Extending your loan term is another option that may lower your mortgage payment. Perhaps an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) loan or an Interest Only (IO) loan might suit your goals. 

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We will show you how each loan program compares to the others, so you know that you are choosing the loan that makes the most sense for your financial circumstances. Then, we will guide you through the refinance process so you can get to the finish line with confidence and ease. Find an advisor and get the answers you need.

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What is Title Insurance?

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurers conduct a title search on public records before they agree to insure the purchaser or mortgagee of land. Specifically, after a real estate sales contract has been executed and escrow opened, a title professional will search the public records to look for any problems with the home’s title.

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Breaking Down the Loan Process

Breaking Down the Loan Process

No doubt, a lot is involved in order to get a mortgage. You wouldn’t be looking up loan information if it were possible to get a mortgage loan in a single day with a simple application. But American Pacific Mortgage does the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your life rather than the mortgage loan.

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